Welcome to our world!

Wedding photography for us is mathematics and numbers that we mix with love. We combine symmetry, lines, patterns and light into a picture that becomes the background for your moments and emotions. That’s how we create a beautiful and artistic balance. Lublin is our hometown, but we love traveling around Poland and Europe. The farther the better! We’re always looking for new challenges! We photograph with passion, and when we photograph a wedding, we combine passion with great fun. The basis of our work is, of course, good humour on the wedding day, which we share with the young couple.
All in all, we share good energy with everyone on the wedding day. In our duo, I travel and photograph more often, but it is Magda who has an excellent eye to make the pictures look unique and beautiful.. We often work in Mazovia, Lesser Poland and Lublin, but you can write to us from anywhere in Europe. We are always happy to visit new parts of our country. We have already visited many amazing places and met many wonderful couples in love. We invite you to visit our wedding portfolio. Below you will find a few wedding stories we created last season and which we would like to share with you. We hope you will find something special in our photos.
Recent Stories
Every wedding has a story, and every time we are part of one, we meet lots of os fantastic people. We see many cities, many homes and churches. We stay shoulder to shoulder with newlyweds for the whole time and experience the day and emotions with them.
We love to capture and enjoy looking at all the décor and floral details which are maybe small but very important on every wedding day.
Below, are a few weddings which impressed us the most.