Karolina and Mateusz – a wonderful marriage to which I have a great fondness. With a few who I had the opportunity to spend up to 3 days, I photographed Karolina’s bachelorette party, engagement session and their wedding day, and it probably does not end there. In addition to having a beautiful wedding, they are just a great couple. For me, two opposites (in a good sense) that complement each other perfectly. Karolina – full of energy, grace and style. A bit of a talker, always smiling. Incorrect perfectionist, full of ideas.
Mateusz – he clearly speaks less than Karolina, but not that little. An oasis of peace, he will do anything for Karolina.
For their wedding they chose the academic church. Of the Holy Cross in Lublin. The building from the 15th century, in its history remembers different times. The church after many reconstruction from the outside is a bit baroque, a bit modernist. Karolina focused on delicate floral accents, and the real decoration at their wedding was a combination of Gospel choir singing and string quartet playing.
The wedding took place at the Fokus Hotel in Lublin. A beautiful first dance, great food, a delicious cake and an evening pergola session. See for yourself the abbreviation of the wedding of Karolina and Mateusz.