I had the opportunity to work inside the Bristol Hotel and I always love to come back to this place. Called the pearl of Warsaw, the hotel is located in the very center of the city at Krakowskie Przedmieście. And just like I love going back to Bristol, it’s not so much parking, but such are the charms of working in the center, especially Warsaw.
I parked. Two seats down the gray Ferrari with orange wheels. At the Doorman entrance saying „Welcome to the Bristol Hotel”. I pass the marble lobby. I get into the gold-glass elevator. I’m going to the second floor and I’m here. Apartment 203. I knock on the door. Reflection awaited me – whether sneakers and a jacket will not be faux pa. Ewelina opens and after two sentences I knew that I got to the coolest couple in Warsaw.
Hotel interiors guarantee beautiful photos. The apartments offer a lot of space, textures and materials. In addition, soaring and spacious windows make the space fill with beautiful light, giving the whole additional atmosphere and class
Ewelina’s bridesmaids – six equally beautiful and intelligent women. Photos from Glorietta like from a magazine cover.
Groom, dad, grandfather and 6 groomsmen. Whiskey on the table, a thought in your head – Wolves from Wall Street. Class, style and intelligent humor like Rafał Pacześ. Hospitality, class, style and play – if I were to describe this day in four words, it would be these words.