The Okocim Goetz Palace near the Okocim Brewery is over 100 years old. Built in 1898 by Jan Albin Goetz, an industrialist, philanthropist, patron of the arts.
Designed in Vienna by Fellner & Helmer. The neo-baroque and neo-rococo character is inscribed. The interiors are filled with wooden ornaments, upholstery, beautiful chandeliers and patterned floors.
In addition, there are many works of art: stained glass, furniture, copies of famous paintings of Baroque Spanish, Flemish and Italian paintings. In addition, there is 14 hectares of beautiful English-style park around the palace.
And probably like most I had no idea what the Goetz Palace is or what it looks like. The description itself sounds good, but I’ve never been a fan of such places.
This was changed by Natalia and Łukasz, whose dream was a session in this palace. I was quite strong at them, thinking that this is another building with an interior in the PRL edition and a garden that has not seen a gardener in a decade.
However, when I did a little research it turned out to be an amazing place. The interiors are simply insane, with climate and beautiful light. Starting from the main hall of the palace and a large comedian under the stairs (this is not the only large fireplace), through the side wings and apartments.
One of the apartments was to serve us mainly as a place to change, also here we were able to do a significant part of the wedding session.
Despite the fact that the Goetz Palace is quite a demanding place to photograph, being there is a pleasure. See for yourself!
As I wrote at the very beginning, we first went to one of the palace apartments. I saw the window, I saw the armchairs, I saw the light, I could not help!
The main hall of the palace is striking. First, large, beautiful, crystal chandeliers stand out.
The whole hall is finished with wood, majestic stairs and handrails are full of ornaments and details. An equally dark and atmospheric space is illuminated by an illuminated glass ceiling creating beautiful light.
The right wing of the Goetz Palace is an avenue of trophies. The quantity and variety of wildlife acquired long ago is impressive.

It’s time to introduce our main heroes of the wedding session. Natalia, i.e. a future doctor and Łukasz, a mysterious businessman. Their city is Krakow. Full of energy people in love with a great sense of humor. They say they don’t like photos, but they find themselves pretty good as models.