That's Us.

We recently moved to a village near our home town Lublin, where we managed to create a cosy place for two of us. By nature, we do not like loneliness; that’s why our home is always full of friends and family.
Like everyone, from time to time, we sit in front of the TV and admire a good movie. Weter is a John Wayne or Star Wars trilogy we enjoy it all. We love to do small DIY at home because there is no greater joy than doing something yourself. In the summer, we like to spend our free time in the garden. Magda loves cutting the grass, and I do the hard work – barbeque.


I’m always pushing forward. I love when things are happening around me, and I always look for new challenges. What else should you know about me?  I cant start the day without a coffee, and the best one is from my favourite mug. I also never wear jeans. Just like that.
I’m also colour blind. But let’s be honest which man doesn’t, and that’s why I take pictures, and Magda takes care of editing.


Most of me is common sense, and the rest is not important because the majority is always right. I usually don’t look back. When you get a morning email or message from us, it’s 100% me! I prefer sunrises over sunsets. Free time for me is walking in the woods, decorating the house, meeting friends at night – if you know what I mean 😉 I usually listen to backstreet boys at work – that’s why it all looks like that!

Get in touch!

If you have any questions? Feel free to write to us. We are relaxed and always open to contact with you. As soon as time allows, we try to answer all your questions as soon as possible.